Project: The Hutch

by Meredith 10. October 2020 21:51

Other projects got in the way (including kids starting pandemic school at home), however I finally got the glass panels painted and reinstalled. I used mirror paint and used the antiquing process where you spritz vinegar water onto the glass before you spray and gently dab off the paint. It was a learning process and took several passes (and repasses) to finally make something that I was happy with.

We got the glass panes reinstalled and the doors are now up. It looks really good. I love it! The hutch is finished (except for wall mounting the TV). Unfortunately we cracked one of the glass panes while putting the rubber backing in the frame. Not sure what we are going to do to fix it. I suppose we should buy a new pane of glass and I just paint another one. /sigh I want to just live with it for now. It's invisible if you are in the far left side of the room.

Project: The Hutch

by Meredith 8. July 2020 12:45

I love it! I still need to paint the glass panes with the antique mirror stuff. But we have it set up and are reconnecting the TV now. Not all of the game console stuff is hooked up yet but the internet works and the TV is connected so we can watch movies again. I was going to paint the hardware but couldn't figure out the right color so I decided to just put it back on and decide later. Turns out I like the color as is.

Project: The Hutch

by Meredith 4. July 2020 22:42

Further layers are all about blending. I'm going back and forth with adding a bit more of the orange where I want it more prominent and then dry brushing the blue over the top to tone it down. I think I'm going in the right direction. It has been taking a long time. The final layer of paint is a lightened version of the blue that I was adding as highlights to all of the raised areas of the woodwork.

Project: The Hutch

by Meredith 3. July 2020 21:37

Layer #2 is a gray color that I made by mixing the blue with the rusty orange. I applied the color into areas that I thought would look best shadowed. The layers are fairly thin and the temperature warm enough that everything dried quickly so more layers could be applied. A 3rd layer was then to dry brush the orange. This is to create the worn off old paint effect.

Project: The Hutch

by Meredith 2. July 2020 21:31

This old china hutch was a free piece of furniture we had acquired about 10 years ago. It is a solid piece of furniture that came as a set with our dining room table (also free) and for years just held some collectibles and office supplies. When the office space got a makeover we decided to turn this hutch into an entertainment center. I will have to make a separate post with the construction modifications, but Hunter deconstructed the top so that it would open completely and the doors would fold in and tuck away. Hunter also deconstructed the drawers so that they hinge and drop open for access to devices. The back is open so the TV will eventually be mounted to the wall.

My job is to paint the project. I sanded and cleaned all the surfaces and then put a base coat of a primer/top coat combo of blue.

Owlbear Love

by Meredith 16. February 2020 19:01

We went to a couple's "paint nite" for mini painting at the local game store (Cheers, Rainy Day Games!). Today's mini was an owlbear. Next month they are doing a dragon.

Sea Turtles

by Meredith 8. February 2020 15:31

Not a group painting or from an event (though inspired by one of those paintings). I made this little painting as a collaboration with Arianna Cook and her sketchbook artwork. She let me copy some sea life sketches from her journal and arranged them into this painting. I'm not sure if it is done or if I'm going to add some lines to the blue.

Grimm Forest Minis

by Meredith 16. June 2019 07:55

The fairy tale figures from the Grimm Forest board game are now painted. I used the character cards as guides and tried to match colors the best I could. I still need to put one more coat on the bases and sealant top coat, then they are done.

Labyrinth Minis

by Meredith 27. April 2019 19:58

Date night meant ordering in, catching up on The Orville, and painting minis. These are from the Labyrinth board game. I finished up Sir Didymus and Jereth this evening. I just need to figure out the base color (probably purple to match the game box) and then the Labyrinth game pieces are done.

Fire Lizards’ Tree

by Meredith 18. March 2019 10:49

We're reading Menolly’s stories from Anne McCaffrey's Pern books (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums). Who doesn’t fall in love with the fire lizards?

Menolly's Fire Lizard Song
The little queen all golden
Flew hissing at the sea
To stop each wave
Her clutch to save
She ventured bravely.

As she attacked the sea in rage
A holder man came nigh
Along the sand
Fish-net in hand
He saw the queen mid-sky.

He stared at her in wonder
For often he'd been told
That such as she
Could never be
Who hovered there, bright gold.

He saw her plight and quickly
Looked up the cliff he faced
And found a cave
Above the waves
In which her eggs he placed.

The little queen all golden
Upon his shoulder stood.
Her eyes, all blue
Spoke of her true
Undying gratitude.

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