From the Graphics Desk: Flip the Bird Dev Update

by Meredith 20. March 2012 16:41

From my side of things... lots of little tweaks to the graphics that I think bump up the look of the game to a professional level. Really trying to create a cohesive look between the game elements and everything that relates to the HUD/user interface. A lot of it is subtle and buried within the details but I think in the end they add a lot of polish.

Now if we could just get the attention of the right people to bump up sales. :P Once this release goes out we're going to push marketing hard. At least as hard as we can without spending any money; we still have hardware to recover costs on. But I've got a list of over 100 sites to submit our game out for review. This will be an excellent experiment to see what the payoff of submitting to those sites can be.

Flip Dev Update

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A big thank you!

by Meredith 17. March 2012 22:30

Lovin' all the support. Thanks everyone! :D

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The race is on!

by Meredith 6. March 2012 15:49

Can we get the last of the game updates done before baby arrives?

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