OryCon 41 Poster

by Meredith 8. September 2019 16:51

The Artist Guest of Honor, Rob Carlos, is known for his creation of dragon portraits. For this year's OryCon Rob created a special painting inspired by the theme "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations." An early version of the painting was captured for us to use in our promotional materials. This is a poster that I put together to advertise the convention. The completed painting will be on display in all its glory in the OryCon Art Show. Come to the convention to see it in person.

About Meredith Cook

Welcome to my repository of creative expression. I'm not a happy camper unless I am making something and over the years I have dabbled in quite a few different kinds of art projects. Some projects come from taking art classes, others are completely hobby driven, and projects like home decor come from a need to customize an item and make it better or unique. The overall theme behind what I do is to learn how to manipulate objects and practice what I know about visual aesthetic and good design. Oh yeah, and to have fun.