Rainbows, glitter and magic. Oh my!

by Meredith 30. June 2012 16:09

I got a request last weekend to create a graphic to represent the challenges of a particular project. Sometimes software is held together with rainbows, glitter and magic. Really it’s logic but not all of management recognizes that.

"All those 1s and 0s are just so sparkly!"

Bubble Art

by Meredith 1. June 2012 14:44

We had recently went crazy at the dollar store and bought enough bubble supplies to have a massive bubble party. The next step was to make our own bubble solution (recipe below) and create our own custom bubble wands. Now we have taken bubble blowing to the next level: art!

While surfing the web for craft ideas I found one that mixes a small amount of tempra paint into the bubble mix. Blow the bubbles so they land on the paper and when they pop they will create interesting paint designs. Added bonus is because the paint is mixed with soap clean up is super easy. Just add water and the kid is clean!

Creating the mixture was simple. I poured about 1/2 cup of bubble solution into a shallow container and mixed in ~1 tablespoon of paint (I used red, yellow and blue). Each container was given its own wand, otherwise the colors would get contaminated (Miss M did fairly well at keeping them separate). The instructions I had read said to blow the bubbles and have the kids catch them on the paper. As much as I tried I could not convince the two year old to chase the bubbles with the paper. What did work however was to stand over the paper and let the bubbles fall onto it. Once we figured out the correct angle they popped nicely and made some interesting patterns.

I think we will use the resulting art to decorate cards for all the grandmas. Maybe even a Father’s Day card too. Smile

Here is the bubble recipe that we used: 6 cups water, 1 cup Dawn dish washing soap, and 3/4 cup Karo syrup. I doubled this and mixed it in a water jug that had a tap.

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