Laundry Room Signs: Getting Closer

by Meredith 28. December 2016 07:31

Three more done and on the wall. The "Unmet People" sign was my biggest attempt at making my own arrangement. I have new appreciation for digital design work and how simple it is to just nudge something over a bit. With this project a bad judgement generally means commitment or starting over.



Laundry Room Signs: When the Paper Peels...

by Meredith 26. December 2016 10:27

...Find a new adhesive. Ack, glue failure! Many of the papers that I glued to the signs with spray adhesive have peeled up. Now I have to reglue the papers down. I'm trying rubber cement first but I think Mod Podge to seal the whole thing will work best.

Laundry Room Signs: Sarcasm is My Superpower

by Meredith 18. December 2016 10:57

I just love painting signs. I wish I could paint so many more of them.

I can tell I am coming to the end of the project. Even the text is starting to be a bit sarcastic.

Mini Bus Stop Paintings

by Meredith 7. December 2016 13:15

I was kicking around these little canvases for years. Made perfect little gifts.

"You must have seen one of the spirits of the forest, and that means you're a very lucky girl. You can only see the spirits if they want you to."
-My Neighbor Totoro

Laundry Room Signs: The Saga Continues

by Meredith 4. December 2016 09:48

Five more done. I suspect I will be pretty sick of making these when they're all done. Reminder: Etsy has some nice signs for sale.

Laundry Room Signs: It Sparkles!

by Meredith 3. December 2016 08:42

Working on my laundry room signs. If I can do one a day I'll have them done in like a month. LOL! Not too bad for hand lettering though. Latest laundry sign has glitter.

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