Arianna's Mural: Remaining finished stars

by Meredith 14. April 2013 21:23

Here are a few more photos. Argo and Pisces







Monocerus, Orion, and Cetus

Arianna's Mural: More stars (bears, dragon)

by Meredith 12. April 2013 21:18

I missed posting these after I finished the stars and it looks like I need to take new photos of the finished parts.





Arianna's Mural: Castle and moon

by Meredith 7. April 2013 21:11

Castle sketchThe castle in Arianna's room is the opposite side of the castle in Madeline's room. I used tracing paper and sketched Maddie's castle, flipped the paper and then added the sketch to the wall in Ari's room. I then made up what the rest of the castle should look like. First steps is to sketch, paint outlines, then fill in with color.

I've also painted a moon in one of the windows. /howl

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