Go check out Crash Cart in the app store!

by Meredith 31. January 2014 18:35

Our latest game is live. Produced by Appsomniacs, Crash Cart is a racing game that combines obstacles and comical crashes into a fun driving challenge. Beyond just playing the game, Crash Cart also offers a track editor that players can use to bring their own racing ideas to the game. My contribution to the game was to produce background images, both new and edited existing, that players can choose from when building their own tracks. Check out my awesome background graphics in my gallery.





Publications for Portland in 2016

by Meredith 15. January 2014 15:35

Portland in 2016 adI volunteered for the publications role on the bid committee for bringing Westercon to Portland. The bid process runs two years in advance of the convention where we must convince the voting attendees of Westercon 67 (in Utah this year) to vote for us. We're running unopposed but we still need to have a polished and competent bid. The first jobs for my role are to create ads and bookmarks that will be distributed at other regional conventions. I'll do some volunteering for fan tables and room parties if I'm attending the other conventions to, but for the most part I will be creating a lot of paper things.



About Meredith Cook

Welcome to my repository of creative expression. I'm not a happy camper unless I am making something and over the years I have dabbled in quite a few different kinds of art projects. Some projects come from taking art classes, others are completely hobby driven, and projects like home decor come from a need to customize an item and make it better or unique. The overall theme behind what I do is to learn how to manipulate objects and practice what I know about visual aesthetic and good design. Oh yeah, and to have fun.