The New Phonebook’s Here!

by Meredith 29. November 2011 21:31

"Flip the Bird is live... The new app is here! The new app is here! I'm somebody now. Millions of people look at the App Store a day. I'm somebody now. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that makes people! :D
(at least until we get a bad review. I think that is how the sniper applies to this ;) )

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Arianna's Mural: Night Theme

by Meredith 2. November 2011 15:33

Painting the night skyUnlike Madeline's mural, these images are all night themed. So I painted in the background sky shades of dark blue and black. I will add clouds on top of this, then later stars and other stuff that is still to be determined. The rest of the mural will look like map drawings on the wall. The overall theme is star charts so I plan to select specific constellations to put up.

Arianna's Mural: Have work table, will paint

by Meredith 2. November 2011 13:35

Painting work tableThe sign that I am committed to this project: the work table is set up!. Already being filled with stuff, I have my collection of images and paint supplies. Very important to leave a little bit of room left for a cup of coffee.

Arianna's Mural: Windows

by Meredith 1. November 2011 15:28

Taping off the window archesThe plan is to mimic the arches in Madeline's room but not devote the whole wall to them. I decided that the perspective in this room is going to be from the boat floating out on the sea in Maddie's room. These windows are the portholes on the boat and we will be looking up at the castle. First step is to tape off the windows before painting in the background.





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