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Album: Summer-Fall 2020

Our summer (continued into fall) painting. We went the collaboration route again. We picked one painting as our inspiration, then I found several others that have elements that we can try to incorporate. The plan was to make all three paintings a triptych with each person getting one canvas to focus on; however, we were all allowed to work collaboratively on each of them.

Album: Summer 2019

This was a rough one. Ended up changing the process so everyone worked on each other's canvas. We did these over 3 days. We all worked on these so they had more help than usual. It was the only way we were going to get something to go on the wall.

Album: Summer 2018

This summer's painting is a multi day process. Inspired by the paintings of Sue Davis http://www.vachonarts.com/ The goals for this year's painting was to explore textures that can be created in paint and the difference between background and foreground. Update: All done. Took about 3 days to finish this up. Spreading the project out to multiple days might have been a better way to get this done. Both kids still fizzled towards the end. Also picking an artist's style and process to copy instead of a specific painting probably helped to mitigate issues with failed expectations. The kids seem pretty happy with their finished paintings. I'm going to put a spray sealant on them and then hang them up on the wall.

Album: Summer 2017

Trying something different. Starting with a black canvas to and try using other objects to paint with. I was hoping that using sponges instead of brushes would take some of the pressure off. I was wrong. It was brutal. Ari had all of the meltdowns about having her painting not look like the picture. Maddie had done that once before so I've had experience with the process but Ari was much more spectacular. We worked through it and made it to the end. (*spectacular = pick up her canvas with both hands, wield it overhead, ready to chuck it across the yard.) Once she had lunch and was able to step away for a longer break she was in a much better mood. We ended on a high note. Maddie remained casual through the whole thing, so that was a nice improvement. I was trying to get them to use sponges to make these paintings. They did for a bit and produced some great textures but ultimately they felt more comfortable with brushes. I printed and cut out the boat so we would all have a matching template. We used toothbrushes dipped in white paint to flick on the stars.

Album: Summer 2016

I feel like I deserve a medal for helping each kid work through the challenges of this experience. It was super rough.

Both kids were fine with painting the background but then melted down when they started working on the tree. They had issues with the immense frustration of their work not turning out as they envisioned it. Totally normal problem but it felt pretty epic to them. They each had to get angry, walk away, and come to terms with it before starting again.

Long talks were had. Breaks were taken. Paintings were eventually finished. Mom is exhausted.

A better image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/1pJEYfFR-JA/maxresdefault.jpg

This painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pJEYfFR-JA

Album: Summer 2015

The girls and I did our own Paint Nite in the backyard. We used this painting as inspiration: "Fantasy Tree Landscape" by Luiza Vizoli http://www.artbyluizavizoli.com/fantasy-tree-landscape-large-painting-p-111.html They didn't turn out too bad for using plastic brushes and tempra paint.