Stetsons Are Cool

by Meredith 18. September 2015 08:30

"I wear a stetson now. Stetsons are cool."

I can no longer look at those cowboy silhouettes and not see the Doctor standing there.

Pine Bed Project: Dam It

by Meredith 4. September 2015 18:05

I have started creating some duct tape dams to help in areas where I just can't get the angle right. Some of these cracks spiral a bit. Also to ensure I don't waste the epoxy I mix up, I make sure I have plenty of cracks ready at that same angle and have some back up pieces waiting in the wings.

Pine Bed Project: Gravity Makes Things Complicated

by Meredith 24. August 2015 17:59

The pours for this project are starting to get complicated. If I don't make the top level the resin will dribble out before it sets. Ends are taped up but I'm also using blocks to tilt and angle the frame for a level pour.

Pine Bed Project: One Pour Was Not Enough

by Meredith 13. August 2015 16:51

The shininess makes it really hard to photograph the colors of the glass. I think this is the best photo so far. This is after one pour of resin so the cavity isn't filled up yet. Actually, I think there might be two pours in this one (looking at the mess on the outside), but it is a really deep crack so it will take several more ounces of resin to fill it up.

There are some bubbles that I don’t generally worry about too much until the resin gets closer to the surface. At that point, I make a few passes with a heat gun to pop them.

Pine Bed Project: Some Key Learnings

by Meredith 9. August 2015 15:13

After clearing out the cracks of extra wood fibers, I have started testing the filling process on pieces of the bed that won't be seen normally. These are the logs that the mattress will sit on.
1) I have discovered that the cracks are quite narrow so I actually need much much smaller pieces of glass than what I have here. I bought bags of tumbled glass off of the internet (it's roughly tumbled) and there is a variety to the sizes, but in some cases I need slivers to fit in these cracks. I ended up taking a hammer to some of it to break it up into smaller pieces.

2) Another key learning, placing all those little pieces into the cracks took way longer than I thought it would. But the results sure are pretty!

3) First pour has taught me that pouring without making a mess will be a new skill I have yet to master. Also, the deep cracks suck up a lot of resin. I'm glad I chose to fill with glass.

Pine Bed Project: Getting Started

by Meredith 7. August 2015 14:07

Hunter's dad made a pine log bed for Aaron (Hunter's little brother). Aaron passed away several years ago and we want to fix this bed up and pass down through our girls. There are several large cracks, and lots of small ones, running along the poles. I plan to fill all the cracks with a clear epoxy. I've also bought some tumbled glass to fill up the larger cracks and then pour clear epoxy to seal it up. It should end up looking very pretty if I don't botch up the whole project. The whole thing got a bath and then it’s time to get started.

Gallifreyan Peacock

by Meredith 11. May 2015 07:06

The loops and circles of Gallifreyan text reminded me of peacock feathers.

Clara: But how is it doing that? How is that possible? It’s an oil painting. In 3D.
The Doctor: Time Lord art. Bigger on the inside. A slice of real time… frozen.

Cyberman Zen

by Meredith 7. March 2015 18:01

The original painting was a stack of stones in a zen garden-like setting. Had to use the worst small brush in the world. I'm bringing my own brushes from now on.

“You will be assimilated.”
The Pandorica Opens – Cybermen

Felted Totoro

by Meredith 14. December 2014 08:54

Friends of mine experienced a house fire and lost all of their holiday ornaments and have asked for replacements as gifts this year. My Neighbor Totoro is one of their favorite movies so these forest spirits seem like a perfect gift. They are made out of needle felted wool. Some of the wool is even dyed by me.

“Do you like spirits, mommy? Even fuzzy ones?”
-My Neighbor Totoro

The Snowmen

by Meredith 12. December 2014 20:57

Latest painting. Not bad given how dark the room was. I had to fix the birds a bit at home because the lighting was so poor that I felt like I was painting in the dark. They are still crappy little birds, but whateva', overall the painting did what I wanted it to do. At first glance it is a rather sweet winter scene with birds and snow. That is, until you notice the sinister smiles of the snowmen.

“Maybe it’s snow that fell before. Maybe it’s snow that remembers how to make snowmen.” – The Doctor

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