OryKids Logo

by Meredith 21. August 2013 21:54

OryCon 35 has a special programming track for kids and it needs a logo. I’ve created three options based on sci-fi themes (and kids). Number three is the one we’re going to try out this year.








Mural painting tip: Paint containers

by Meredith 27. July 2013 07:26

Painting containersRecycling plastic lids and hummus containers are my favorite paint containers. The plastic lids from containers that mixed nuts or peanut butter are sold in make the best paint palettes. And they fit perfectly into empty hummus containers. I would use one plastic lid for each color set and then store them in the hummus containers. They would stay moist for a day or two until I could paint again. If they dried I could then scrape the lid and pull the old dry paint off (it peels off like plastic) and reuse the lid. Cheap and super handy!

Mural painting tip: Creating continuity in color

by Meredith 20. July 2013 07:20

One of my major concerns when paint the murals was to make the colors seem cohesive over the entire painting. I have the tendency to use color directly from the tube and that can make the images very jarring as one color clashes with another. A trick I picked up in art classes years ago is to use a base color that all other colors of the painting are mixed with. The color from the tubes are then treated as pigments, tinting the base color into various shades. With Madeline's mural I used two colors as a base, a beige and a turquoise. Arianna's mural used mostly a beige and just a little bit of a gray blue.







Mural painting tip: Image collection

by Meredith 13. July 2013 07:14

For Madeline's mural I created contact sheets of images that I used as inspiration. It was time consuming to collect the images from the web, compile them into pages, and then print them out. I tried collecting the images into to Flickr and Picasa and that too was time consuming requiring downloading and uploading images. I finally figured out creating a Pinterest board and then viewing the images with my tablet was the best option. Covering the screen of the tablet with cling wrap worked to protect the screen from paint.








Mural painting tip: Small brushes

by Meredith 6. July 2013 07:12

During the painting process I discovered a trick that helped me work through some difficult parts. Whenever I found myself having to paint something that felt really challenging and stretched my skills outside of the comfort zone I would switch to painting with one of my smallest brushes. There was something about forcing me to make lots and lots of little marks that made the work look better. The little marks created more texture and forced me to make minute little details that can only be really seen up close. From a distance though they translated to highlights and shadows that overall made the painting look better. Changing brush sizes also made me change gears mentally; instead of trying to make the part fit into the whole painting perfectly, which became overwhelming, I just worked out that one little part. Once the fairy's face was working I could move on to making their body work. And then the wings, and then scenery around them, and so on.




Arianna’s mural is finally finished!

by Meredith 12. June 2013 22:28

I started working on her room back in October of 2011 with texture painting all of the walls and adding new paint to the trim. In November of 2011 I painted the arches of night sky and then the project sat, and sat, and sat until January 2013. Granted, was 6+ months pregnant and Arianna was born during that gap. After that it only took me about five months of working on the room off and on. It was definitely much harder to work around two kids than one.

Arianna's Mural: Moving into the Room

by Meredith 9. June 2013 06:30

Busy weekend getting stuff done! Arianna has been moved into her bedroom and I think she likes it. She slept there last night and seemed to do OK. She did cry out a few times but resettled easily. Madeline was a super awesome builder girl and helped me put the shelves together for Ari's toys. Both girls had a blast pulling out and putting away all of the toys. We still have little projects to finish up in there like power outlet covers and curtains. The murals look even better with furniture in the room.








Leaving a Mystery for Scholars to Ponder Over

by Meredith 5. June 2013 06:22

All the painting supplies have been cleared out of Arianna's room and the walls have been washed. I'm going to vacuum tonight and maybe steam clean (children willing). Pretty sure this will be the cleanest her room will be until she moves out.

I found a minor mistake in the mural, something I marked to edit but then forgot about. I've decided to leave it. Years after I'm dead and scholars are studying my work they will wonder "what was this mark supposed to be?"

Arianna's Mural: Final touches are complete

by Meredith 4. June 2013 22:22

CastleIf the castle window is deemed done then that's it, I'm totally finished painting Arianna's room. Time to celebrate and move this baby girl into her own room!






Arianna's Mural: Question

by Meredith 4. June 2013 07:04

Castle window optionI need a critical eye and Hunter is not here to help. Do you see the sun and the moon in this or is it too abstract?










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